Access Bars     

Many people have said their lives are easier and much more  joyful after having a bars session. What is a bars session? It typically lasts about an hour, is based on 32 energy points on the head, and helps with sleeping, clarity, calmness, inner peace, depression, anxiety, sadness, frustration, ADHD, ADD, and other ailments showing up in the body. A session or series can help you expand on your own inner knowing. Book a Bars or other session and open your life up to all possibilities.

Here are what some of Carol's clients are saying about their sessions:

"I feel a great sense of relief and wonderful lightness." - LB

"I’ve had my Bars run countless times by at least 100 different people. I have the most fun and create the most incredible things when Carol runs my Bars. Stuff shows up fast AND it’s exactly what I am asking for! She has a gift for cutting to the chase, getting to the energy and creating the most simple, effective question in order to receive what you’d like to have. I truly know her facilitation has had an amazing effect on my life. Whenever I require big time miracles, I go to Carol.  If I’m stuck and just require a little push and re-direct, I go to Carol.  Or if I just want to laugh, enjoy and expand my world at the same time, I go to Carol. Guess you could say she is my go-to for a better Me!"
- BS, Private Executive Coach

"Subjects came up throughout the session that I hadn't even realized were keeping me “stuck.” Even some of the work I was doing that I enjoyed wasn't in my highest good, and letting it go made way for even more fulfilling work." 

"When I first met Carol for my initial Bars session, she immediately made me feel at ease. She spent time talking with me and showed genuine interest in what was going on in my life and what I hoped to gain from the session. The Bars session itself was extremely relaxing and nurturing. Carol provided me with some very insightful comments and suggestions. Immediately after the session, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated and in the days and weeks to follow, a lot of areas in my life where I had previously been stuck, started to shift and I noticed that the chatter in my head was greatly diminished. I have since referred several others to Carol and they too have been extremely pleased."
- JV

"I had a bars session with Carol when I was pregnant with my daughter. I didn't know her gender at the time, but Carol just knew the baby was a girl. I left with a renewed sense of purpose, as well as feeling light and relaxed. As a usually stressed out, type-A person, I welcomed that feeling!"
- EM

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Options For A One-Hour Session With Carol

  • Access Consciousness Bars or Body Session 

  • Energetic Facelift Session

  • Remote Intuitive Business or Life Reading

Total Life Change Value: Priceless