About Carol Reinlie    

Carol Reinlie is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator (CFMW), creative marketer, intuitive, radio show host, author and passion to profits business coach. She has the fabulous passion of helping entrepreneurs map out growth strategies for their businesses, be social, share their brand and expertise, get more traffic and leads and give to their communities.
Carol started her career after business school in the advertising arena and moved from there to consulting where she ran an in-house design department. She was able to work with many types of companies from Fortune 500 to small start-ups.
An avid learner, Carol also attended The Art Institute of Atlanta for Design and has gone on to continue learning the latest social media, online and offline marketing and creative strategies. She has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years and has been in the marketing and creative arenas for close to 30 years.
Carol is the host of the Bringing the Sexy radio show on a2zen.fm, where she joyfully explores all different kinds of relationships from personal, romantic, business, and beyond. She expanded into energy healing because it was a modality that helped her shift and move through blocks in certain areas.
Carol uses Access Consciousness Bars, her intuitive guidance and other tools to quickly get her clients out of stuck mode and into joyful expansion in their lives and businesses.  Carol regularly does one-on-one and group limitless coaching sessions. Her vision is to help expand people, businesses and the planet together into all the unlimited possibilities.
Carol enjoys giving back to her community and has served as an Advisory Board member and volunteer with The Drake House (www.drakehouse.org), an organization that provides much needed emergency housing, education and other assistance to women and children in need.